Certified/sworn translator

Who is a sworn translator? First of all it is a person who is sworn in and included in a list of proficient experts by the Minister of Justice From that moment they become a person of public trust. That is not the only reason why the professionals that we have selected from a large pool of candidates are highly trustworthy. The person doing the job of a sworn in, certified translator has to fulfil a number of requirements related to work ethics.

Sworn translators mainly deal with significant court, medical and official documents as well as handling business agreements. Our translators have extensive experience in these areas and their achievements are complimented by references from a number of clients. For us it is the highest honour and a significant distinction.

We are well aware of the importance of the documents entrusted to be translated and that is why we put all possible effort into making sure that the commission is carried out in the most precise manner. We consult many points with the clients. Real cooperation helps overcome obstacles and bypass potential difficulties. Being a very persistent team helps when it comes to searching for solutions and we can tackle the most daunting language challenges.