How to place an order for a translation?

Please send us the text for a quotation in the following ways:


  • We will reply within a few hours, send the quote for translating the document to the given address and suggest an order completion schedule.
  • After accepting the terms and conditions of the translation the client sends an official order of the translation (with data of the company and the signature of the person responsible for placing the order).
  • The client can pay with a bank transfer or by credit card based on the placed order and electronic VAT invoice.
  • In case of translation orders that are over 10 pages long we reserve the right to charge an advance payment against the completion of the translation.

In case of placing an order by a private customer:

The same procedure applies with the only difference that the private client is paying in full the translation price in advance.
After receiving the payment or a confirmation of the bank transfer we proceed to complete the order.