Stages of completing the translation

Assessing the type of translation and setting a completion date

Before we take on a translation, we have to determine together with the client for what it is needed.
Only then we will be able to advise if a certified translation is necessary or will a regular one do and suggest choosing an additional proof when needed if the translation is going to be published.

In terms of deciding on a completion date for completing the assignment we endeavour to meet our customers’ expectations.


After determining the type of translation we can establish an estimated quote for the client.
The pricing will depend on the length of the text (amount of characters), chosen type of translation and expected pace of work.

In case of certain translations for example standard documents, or repetitive long texts of we can offer the client a discount.
Of all other benefits coming from building a long term working relationship with our company you can read under the Comprehensive Business Services entry.


We execute the process of translation together with a team of experienced and proven translators taking care to select the appropriate specialists for given jobs.
You can depend on us we have been doing this for years.


Each translation before it is turned over to the client is proofread by us and verified by a separate translator from the one who has completed the job. That process helps us maintain high quality of work and complies with the European standards.

Payment and collection

A completed translation can be either collected from our Agency office (Contact) or we can send it to you by e-mail, standard mail or by courier.

On the first order we expect either cash or electronic bank transfer payment confirmation before the collection of the translation. On establishing collaboration on a regular basis we are offering the option of payment by bank transfer on a favourable time schedule.