Written Translations are a part of the range of services that we provide.

Written Translations


In that category we can list all types of translations that do not need authentication by a sworn translator such as private, technical , informational texts, marketing material as well as translations of web pages and many others.

Notarised translations (certified)

Sworn translations (authenticated) are necessary in settling most official matters that require presenting a document obtained abroad together with its certified translation. We will prepare for you a document that has the certified translators seal in any given language. We will translate a vehicle registration certificate, vehicle or property purchase contract, any personal documents, notary’s deeds and contracts as well as tax documents.

Medical translations

Medical translations which are often connected to difficult and complex issues such as illness and receiving medical treatment abroad have to be assessed and dealt with on an individual basis. It is often necessary to consult competent specialists and for that reason those translations are also quoted on individual rates.

Text verification

Sometimes there is a need to proofread a previously translated text or update it due to introduced changes, or lack of certainty in the quality of the translation.
Verification of a provided text amounts to 50% of a price of translation.

Oral translation (Interpreting)


Interpreting / complimentary translation

Such translations are provided on occasions involving notary services, on weddings, during business meetings, educational workshops or press conferences. They usually involve an interpreter translating a few sentences directly after the speaker. As part of complimentary services we can also provide if required written certified translations of documents involved in the occasion.

Comprehensive Business Services

Business services

Our experience has shown that a longterm cooperation brings mutual benefits to both parties.
We are offering our clients a possibility to establish a long term working relationship with us on very profitable terms and conditions.
Such an agreement would guarantee a priority treatment of given commissions, a prearranged discount, an up to date translation service of short texts, on-line cooperation, etc.

To discuss the details please contact Piotr Gruszczyński at Piotrem Gruszczyńskim: